Primacy Health Group is the only healthcare company to offer five innovative and cutting-edge technology products that include:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cross-Over Connectivity

  • A Seamless Experience

  • Guaranteed Results

We offer more healthcare benefits with less spending!


  • Licensed patent pending anti-fraud and proper benefit plan design software that allows clients (e.g. insurance carriers, plan administrators, self-funded companies, labor unions, and private organizations), the capability to identify and index multiple types of fraud, enhance their existing benefit plans, and reduce their overall spending at no additional cost. Learn More

  • A free benefits app that allows every American to receive new and additional benefits at a lower cost and a decrease in their overall spending. For individuals without any health benefits, the app gives them immediate benefits. Learn More

  • An independent nationwide discounted provider networks that allow clients access to immediately gain enhanced healthcare benefits and reduce their overall spending at no additional cost. Learn More

  • A free data analytics report for all prospective clients on their existing benefit plan’s design, administrative costs, and overall spending. Learn More

  • A free utilization review analysis report for all clients that summarizes their total savings from participation and how they can enhance their existing benefits at no additional cost. Learn More