Yale Mallinger

Chief Executive Officer - 28 years of experience
Kersh Health, HMC-HealthWorks, MMAPS, Network Health Benefits, Universal Dental, Arizona Dental, Community Dental Services

James Nova

Chief Financial Officer - 38 years of experience
Profit Improvement Partners, MMAPS, Greyhound Financial, Manufacturers Hanover

Steve Stith

Vice President of Marketing - 30 years of experience
Kersh Health (United Airlines, Varidesk, Inspire), The Integer Group (Coors Brewing Company, Universal Studios, Boston Market), Tracy Locke (American Airlines, Newsweek, Fuddruckers, PepsiCo, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell)

Roger Skinner

Vice President of Sales - 44 years of experience
Argus Dental, Pan American Life, IHC- Health Solutions, Group Link, Specialized Benefit Plans, Met Life, Mass Mutual, Principal Financial Group

Kenneth Mackay

Vice President of Administration - 34 years of experience
Mason-Dixon Investment Group, American National Properties, Academy Mortgage Management, KCM Management, Smokey Glen

Dr. Herb Kaufman

Vice President of Healthcare - 36 years of experience
United Healthcare, Dental Management Network, Safeguard Health Plans (MetLife), Cigna Health, United States Air Force

Duane Scott

Vice President of Information Systems - 34 years of experience
Praevolo Technologies, Inc., Boeing, Pinnacle Solutions, DynCorp, Arizona Army National Guard, United States Army

The seven individuals have 244 combined years of successful experience in developing national provider networks, creating strategic partnerships and industry alliances, marketing products, and integrating services


Mission Statement

To develop a cost savings benefits platform that automatically enhances every employer group and individual’s current healthcare benefits while simultaneously reducing their overall spend without an increase in their cost.



  • To provide an anti-fraud and proper benefit plan design products for licensing that will provide clients the ability to identify and index multiple types of fraud, enhance their existing benefit plans, and reduces their overall spend
  • To provide a free benefits app product that results in every American getting new, enhanced, and additional healthcare benefits, a reduction in their costs, and a decrease to their overall spend
  • A network accessing division that allows participants to gain an increase in their existing benefits, a reduction in their costs, and a decrease to their overall spend



  • To allow every American access to a variety of affordable nationwide healthcare benefits without having to pay a monthly premium or annual membership fee
  • To have every American that participates gain an increase in value and a decrease in their spending regardless to their current healthcare benefits - or none
  • To bring nationwide provider networks, product manufacturers, mass merchandisers, and retail establishments together for creating the country’s largest healthcare benefits alliance
  • To level the playing field so that all insuring entities and plan administrators are able to compete


An anti-fraud and proper benefit plan design division that allows each client to:

  • Identify and index types of fraud, prevent future occurrences, and reduce their overall spend
  • Enhance existing benefits while simultaneously adding new ones without increasing costs
  • Create proper benefit plans without limiting access, increasing deductibles, adding co-pays or eliminating any current benefits

A free benefits app that allows every American (insured, underinsured, or uninsured):

  • A variety of new and affordable benefits without needing to join a program or pay upfront
  • Gain an immediate increase in value to their existing benefits and a decrease in their total spend regardless to their healthcare benefits - or none
  • Be rewarded with monetary gains, enhancements, and opportunities each time the app is used

An independent nationwide discount dental provider network that allows each client:

  • To immediately participate without needing to change their current benefit plan
  • To immediately offer expanded benefit plans below current market costs
  • To immediately gain an increase in value to existing benefits and a decrease in their total spend
  • To design new and enhanced benefit plans without eliminating anything or any additional cost